Albiovix live in 2023 at Acidica

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! Attention: Full spectrum vibrations! - Powerful energies on frequencies from the depths of hell into the bright celestial stars! 


Welcome to Thomas's metaphysical world, channelled into physicality: Albiovix or shorter Albio, Produced in Ableton. Available on all platforms! 


Thomas (1994), born in Belgium, has been raised by the exciting rhythms of metal, hardcore, death-core and slamming death metal since the tender age of 14. However, it was in 2016, at the age of 21, that his adventurous brother introduced him to the captivating world of free tekno music and underground culture. Immersing in this new field, Thomas discovered a deep connection in electronic music gatherings.

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Attracted by the rough and tumultuous energies as well as the unfiltered expressions of free tekno underground, Albiovix felt a boil in him. Feeling understood and grasping the dark energies of turmoil and frustration no different from metal genres, he quickly felt the natural need to co-create and express the energies and truth he recognised in them, and thus began to produce himself at various free parties since the beginning of 2017.


As Albiovix's musical career evolved, he obtained a residence at Gazmatek Records, joining a dynamic community of creative people who shared the same ideas. Guided by respected Belgian organisations and artists, his talents have flourished, driving him to perform at prestigious events. Today, Albiovix pursues its double passion for production and performance, sculpting a distinct musical identity that resonates with its essence.

A Madmatik Collaboration

Albiovix Live in 2019 at Acid Addiction Open Air.

"Albiovix" Etymology

1. The root *albiyo- is found in Gaulish and Galatian albio meaning 'world.

2. Albiorix was a historical figure and leader of the Helvetii, a Celtic tribe, during the Gallic War in the 1st century BCE. Albiorix, as a leader of the Helvetii, opposed the Roman Republic during the Gallic War led by Julius Caesar in the 1st century BCE. The Helvetii, along with other Gallic tribes, engaged in conflicts with Caesar as they resisted Roman expansion into Gaul.

3. Albiorix is also the name of a moon of Saturn. Discovered in 2000 by the Cassini–Huygens spacecraft, Albiorix is one of the outer moons of Saturn and is part of the group known as the Norse group of satellites.

4. Ambiorix was a historical figure who played a significant role during the Gallic War in the 1st century BCE. He was a chieftain of the Eburones, a Celtic tribe in Gaul (present-day Belgium and parts of the Netherlands). Ambiorix is particularly known for his resistance against Roman forces led by Julius Caesar.

5. In Latin, "vix" is an adverb that conveys the idea of doing something with difficulty, scarcity, or barely. It is often used to express the challenging nature of an action, the minimal extent to which something is true or possible, or the notion that something almost did not happen. "Vix" adds nuance to sentences, indicating a state of affairs that is barely achievable or narrowly avoided.


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